Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tut Flower Frame for PTU SweetPea

Flower Frame

Amy Marie PTU SweetPea kit Available
at HeartbeatzCreationz  HERE
Amy has a sale at above link for $1.30
Barbara Jensen PTU tube 39-1 close up
**must have license to use**
Font used is Sir William

png 133 x4
png   52
png 126 x2
png 127
png 114

Start with 800x800 canvas

load png 52 centered in canvas

load png 133 place below frame layer bring to top right corner
position so it is bordering frame as shown. duplicate and flip
down. position copy so it borders frame. duplicate again flip

sideways place around bottom left so it boarders frame. duplicate

again, flip up and position so it boarders top left of frame as

shown. add DS to all 4 133 png layers then   merge the 4

load tube close up position in desired area as shown, duplicate

place duplicate layer between flower border and frame.
erase bottom of tube on layer above frame.
add DS to bottom close up layer

load 126 png place on bottom left of frame tilt to the left slightly

as shown. duplicate, position duplicate on right side of frame add

DS to both copies then merge to frame.

load png 127 place over bottom right corner od frame add DS

merge to  frame

load png 114 size down place over top left corner of frame add DS

merge to frame

add DS to frame
 add name and credits you are done

thanks for reading :)


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