Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NEW TUT for HeartBeatz Creationz

Amy Marie Aquamarine Butterfly Kit can be found HERE
Tube of choice  My choice is Rachel Anderson available HERE
must have correct license to use
Mask used SG Floral Grunge Mask 5 can be found HERE
Font of Choice I used Aramis Font

EyeCandy 4000 Glass effect used on SG mask

element 6 X2
element 7
element 11
Element 13
element 14
element 22 X2
elemenet 53 X2
element 63

Start with a 800 x 800 canvas
place pp 13 on canvas
mask SG_Floral Grundge5 over pp13
merge group, use EyeCandy 4000 Glass effect on mask

these are the settings I used

load element 7 add dropshadow 2 2 50 plae on right bottom corner
Load element 14 mirror add DropShadow 2 2 50place on upper left corner
load element 13 duplicate add DropShadow 2 2 50 place on right hand side of outside of left frame of mask
mirror duplicate copy of element 13 add dropshadow 2 2 50 place on lefthand side of mask frame
load element 63 add dropshadow 2 2 50 place at top of left side frame as seen
loade tube of choice  add dropshadow 2 2 50 add glow position in frame between elements 13
load element 53 duplicate add drophadow 2 2 50 plae first copy at bottom of tube and second over top of tube
load element 6 duplicate
place first copy at the lower left above element 13 add dropshadow erase last bud and leaves
place second copy opposite first copy mirrored add dropshadow arase same as first till lined up
load element 53 angle to left place over top right frame add dropshadow 2 2 50
add credits and name you are done :)